Has the City Marked Your Driveway and Sidewalks?

Many municipalities will periodically go around older neighborhoods and mark driveway aprons and sidewalks that need to be replaced.

You do not have to let the city contractor come and replace your concrete driveway or sidewalks. While they will do a great job, they will replace only those sections that have been marked. Many times the will leave sections that will no longer match the color and shape of the rest of your property. 

Let Save the Pave Replace Your Worn Out Concrete

If your concrete driveway apron needs to be replaced, chances are the rest of the driveway needs replacement as well. Save the Pave and A-1 Concrete can handle complete driveway and sidewalk removal and replacement.  We will give your property a long-lasting, visually appealing concrete space that will add value to you home, especially when you sell it.

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