Trash Truck Leaves Stains on New Driveway

Recently this story appeared on WOWT TV about an Omaha homeowner that is upset with the city’s trash hauler for leaving an oil stain on her new driveway.

WOWT Story on Garbage Truck leaving a stain on a new driveway, Click to read/view

WOWT Story on Garbage Truck leaving a stain on a new driveway, Click to read/view

Stains on your driveway, patios, or other concrete surfaces do not have to be a permanent stain on your concrete.

Oil stains on concrete do not have to be a concern IF you had applied PAVIX concrete sealer by Chem-Crete before it happens. PAVIX applies a permanent, patented, eco-friendly (green) concrete sealer that will eliminate the worry of having a stain on your concrete driveway or patio.

In a single application it will protect against all moisture intrusion and moisture related problems such as freeze-thaw cycle, corrosion caused by ion penetration and alkali/silica reactions. This unique water-based, water repelling treatment is 100% non-toxic and non-hazardous. There is no risk of contamination to marine life, flora, or fauna.

Seals Concrete Forever

Save The Pave can apply PAVIX concrete sealer to any concrete surface; driveways, garage floors, sidewalks, and patios. Anywhere you have a concrete surface that you want to protect, we can protect it. PAVIX is a permanent concrete sealer that is different than other sealers on the market. PAVIX needs only ONE application. Other concrete sealers on the market need to be re-applied in time. PAVIX can also be applied with a day or two of a new concrete pour. No need to wait weeks like some other products.

Not only oil or petroleum-based chemicals that cause problems to concrete. Sealing your concrete will also protect it from winter road salts, rust stains from vehicles, and water penetration that leads to freeze-thaw cracks, spalling, and surface scaling.

Recently, we had a client call to thank us for sealing his patio. He accidentally spilled a glass of red wine on his patio that we recently sealed. Unsealed concrete will soak wine like a sponge and the stain will be permanent, only getting lighter over time. With PAVIX concrete sealer, he was able to simply get out the garden hose and rise the wine away. There was never a concern if it would stain. 

Seal old or new concrete

You have invested a great deal in your home or business, protect one of the most expensive items to replace – concrete. We can treat any concrete surface, old or new. We will do the best to clean old surfaces but cannot guarantee it be 100% stain free. Surfaces that are already spalled or cracked will not deteriorate further. Cracks can be sealed to help prevent further degradation.

Don’t wait to have your concrete sealed, call us today 402-333-5676 to schedule a quote. If after hours, use the form to reach out to us.